Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oil Painting Class

We started taking oil painting classes a few months ago. Since we are very beginning beginners we were told to find photos or paintings to copy from. This way our teacher can have something to go by when pointing out our problem areas. We didn't love the idea of finding pictures to copy at first. We did insist on painting an original painting here and there but we soon saw the problems of doing that. We ended up doing what the teacher said we would do when she tried to correct our problems...we said it was supposed to be like that...and ended up having 'no problems' to correct. We weren't happy with the paintings we painted from our heads but with copying a picture or a painting we learned all kinds of things...color mixing, matching colors, shadow and light areas, what to lay down first and last in layers, and more. It also frees us from worrying about what to paint and just paint what we see and learn how to do it.

It's been wonderful to just feel that loaded brush dragging across the canvas and colors filling the white space. It's really just enjoying painting for the pure painting of it. I don't know about the girls but for me I think I don't care what I paint or if it's my art. I just like putting brush to canvas. Oil is luscious.

Copy of a painting (lost the source) by Mama.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oil Class Painting

copy of an unknown painting by Mama

Self Portrait Collage

by Lulu

Fruits of Oil Painting Classes

by Lulu